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Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting Outfitter in Staples, Minnesota

Double Gun Bird Hunts - Steve Grossman


Steve "Grouseman" Grossman's Double Gun Bird Hunts is a wild bird guide service, professional pointing dog training service, and breeder of English Setters dating back to 1979. Steve started his outfitting career at Little Moran Grouse Camp in 1987; it has since been called a "Destination of Distinction" and "A Church in the Wildwood" due to the loyalty of clients who flock back each year (Mike Gaddis - Sporting Classics Article September/October 2006).

Wild birds have been Double Gun Bird Hunts' niche for the past 24 years, starting with the establishment of the grouse camp in 1987. Since then, many hunters have returned to hunt with Double Gun Bird Hunts continually for the past 20+ years. Steve's dogs are the business' greatest asset; they hunt the gun, remain steady and find birds. Steve was a guide for the Grand National Grouse Hunt in Grand Rapids, MN for 12+ years and the Grand National Quail Hunt in Enid, OK.

All Double Gun Bird Hunts target wild birds exclusively. Steve brings 33 years of habitat knowledge, guiding expertise, and dog work to each hunt. His clients appreciate good dog work, unsullied cover, and an appreciation of fine guns. The hunts are limited to two guns per guide, double guns only. The Minnesota Ruffed Grouse experience based out of Little Moran is the signature hunt. We guide 30-40+ days a year throughout some of the best grouse cover in the lower 48. As Michael McIntosh wrote, "I believe there are more grouse in Minnesota than anywhere else on earth". Steve and the guides keep daily Ruffed Grouse and woodcock flush counts which can be found on the Double Gun Bird Hunts website. Join Steve and his crew as his setters dig deep for the grey ghost of Minnesota.

Double Gun Bird Hunts (Est. 1987) is a Wingshooting Outfitter offering Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock Hunts in Minnesota. Trips are all-inclusive with a maximum of 8 guns in camp, and no more than 2 guns per guide.

The Little Moran Lodge offers private rooms, bath, first class dining and beverages. Steve and his hand-picked guides are all grouse hunters to the core, and all are seasoned dog handlers.

Double Gun Bird Hunt's season begins the 3rd weekend in September and continues until the 1st weekend of November, when Steve moves west to begin his South Dakota guiding.

Double Gun Hunts adhere to traditional styles of bird hunting: our hunts are all about the dogs, the wild birds, and the overall experience. It's not the size of the bag at days end; it's the experience of the day.

"It is not a matter of taking the game, but how the game is taken."

Region/Terrain Where you Hunt

Central Hardwoods of Minnesota, clear cuts, swamp edges, a variety of covers. Our daily covers are chosen with specific hunters wishes in mind. Hunters are welcome to bring their own dogs.

Typical Weather

Mild and cool


Sample of a Typical Trip

Arrive early evening, have dinner, share bird hunting/bird dog stories and great fellowship with guides and other hunters. A 7:30 breakfast, then wheels up by 8:30, hunting by 8:45-9 AM.

Average cover is hunted for 1.5-2 hours, with a short drive to between covers. We hunt 4-5 covers per day. Lunch in the field with no more than 2 guns per guide.

Upon request we will do a “shore lunch” with your entire group of hunters. This includes hot soup, sandwiches, and our “Cajun game”. We are back at the lodge by 6:30-7:00 for showers, lite appetizers, your favorite beverage, wonderful dinner and many more stories.

Typical hunts are 3 day 4 night stays. No groups or hunters will ever be mixed in the field. We do not hunt more than 2 guns per guide.


Species you hunt by season

September – October: Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock


What Should Customers Bring?

Always be prepared. We are hunting wild birds in their native environments. Bring rubber boots, an extra gun, compass, good walking boots, extra cloths for field changing (Rain or sweat). Clothing to match the time of year. A quick call to the lodge can help you narrow your choices.

What is provided to the customer?

Memorable experiences that last a lifetime.
Private lodging and baths, washer and driers, boot driers, soft gun cases.

Pricing & Dates

Date Range

3rd weekend in September – November 6th

Rate Range

$1,000.00 per day/hunter all inclusive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring our own dogs?

Will transportation or pick-up at the airport be provided?
No, unless private aircraft is within 45 miles. There is not enough staff.

What gauges of guns are preferred?
Double guns preferred. 20's, 28's, & 16's - shot size 7.5 - 8


Double Gun Bird Hunts
Steve Grossman
Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting Outfitter
Steve Grossman
44357 Red Oak Road
Staples, MN 56479

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