Orlando Area Lakes and Ponds, Florida Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Fly Fishing Map of Orlando Area Lakes and Ponds, FL
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Orlando Area Lakes and Ponds, Florida Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
It is hopper season. Specifically large tan foam hoppers with crossed pattern rubber legs. We think they are mistaking the fly for a spent dragon fly or perhaps they think it is the giant hoppers which are prevalent at this time. Of course, as an angler, we do not care as long as they are biting. White foam spiders in size 10 continue to produce bluegill. Several bluegill anglers have been catching tilapia. This is unusual, as we think of them as vegetarian, but they will eat small bugs too. Size 16 pheasant tail and prince nymphs are what is working, fished under a hopper or an indicator.
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Orlando Area Lakes and Ponds is currently Excellent

Orvis-Endorsed guides nearby:

Water flow:

Visibility: 24 inches

Water temperature at mid-day: 80 Degrees F

Water condition: Stained

Best time of day to fish: morning to avoid afternoon storms

Best stretch:

Best access point:

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:


Fish species: Largemouth Bass, Panfish, Crappie. Gar, Grass Carp

Fishing season: Year Round

Nearest airport: Orlando International Airport

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Orlando Area Lakes and Ponds Description

There are almost to many different lakes and ponds to count the the Greater Orlando area. Nearly all of them from the roadside ditches to the bigger lakes such as LakeConway and ClearLake hold great populations of fish. LakeSantiago, Lake Lorna Doone, LakeRichmond, LakeIvanhoe, and ClearLake provide great access for shorebound anglers looking to catch a fish.

The size, water clarity, and ...

Techniques & Tips

If you are a follower of this re[port, it will look familiar. The bass are attracted toward the middle of the lake as small shad are feeding recklessly over submerged hydrilla. White wooly buggers, Puglisi glass minnows, and Brooke's blonde in white, size 6 or 8-are good imitations. There is a tiny-tiny midge hatch around sunrise and sunset. Shad eat the midges-Bass eat the shad. The surface will begin to boil with activity for about a minute. Then the action may move to another spot in the lake. These fish can be easily approached by boat with trolling motor or even with the outboard running.

7-Day Forecast

One of our favorite anglers reports catching big bass on big flies. No better big fly than Choklett's Game Changer in white. Other anglers report catching bass while fishing worm style using the Turd Burgler with long rabbit strip tails. Let the fish take the fly for a few seconds before setting the hook, just like fishing plastic worms. Black and/or purple seem to be best.

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