Make it Personal: Personalized Gifts from Orvis
Adding initials, a name, or a quote (where available) is a great way to make a gift more personal, and it helps to identify a piece of luggage or favorite watch should you misplace it. Depending on the item, you can choose from embroidery, laser engraving, traditional engraving, embossing, gold leafing, or hand scribing.
Gifts with Embroidery
Laser Engraving Metal Engraving Embossing Gold Leaf Hand Scribing

Personalization Availability
Shown above is a display of our more popular personalization types. Some products may be limited to the type of personalization they can accept. Add your Orvis product to the basket, and the options for personalization for that particular product will be immediately displayed for your convenience.

Number of Characters for Personalization
The number of characters available for personalization varies from product to product. You will find the number of characters available for personalization on the product page. Punctuation and spaces should be counted as characters for all personalized products. Non-English characters are unavailable for use in personalization.

How to Personalize Your Item
When you view a product, the available personalization options will be displayed in the "Personalization" section of the "Buy It Now " box. Specify the name or initials desired, as well as any other choices, then click "Add to Basket." You can then review or modify your personalization instructions from the shopping basket page.

Questions about Personalization?
If you have questions about this service, then learn more by reading the answers to our frequently asked questions about personalization. If you don't find the answer to your particular question, then please Contact Us or call 888-235-9763.

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Embroidery is a process that utilizes a commercial sewing machine to create characters with thread. Some embroidery consists of thousands of stitches resulting in beautiful and intricate designs. Items that can be embroidered are dog beds, clothing, fabric toys, and a variety of small gift items.
Laser Engraving
Laser engraving is a process that utilizes a laser beam instead of a traditional tool bit. With lasering, images are "etched" into the surface resulting in a very clean, crisp edge. The more complicated and larger designs are quite labor intensive, with some taking up to twenty minutes to complete. Orvis offers laser engraving on metal, glass, wood, plastic, and leather items as well as some fabrics.
Metal Engraving
Metal engraving is a process whereby a metal tip is depressed onto an item surface and pressure is applied, leaving a permanent mark. Common items that are engraved are copper, silver, gold, and base metals. Orvis offers engraving watches, bracelets, and small metal gift items such as knives and money clips.
Embossing is a process that utilizes metal letters, which are first heated and then stamped into a leather surface with pressure. Because heat is used, the leather retains the depression indefinitely. Orvis embosses luggage, books, money clips, wallets, and other small leather gift items.
Gold Leafing
Gold leafing is essentially embossing with the addition of gold leaf tape, which is placed between the letters and leather to create a gilded look. Orvis is able to gold leaf books, luggage, and a variety of small leather gift items.
Hand Scribing
Hand scribing is a process whereby an item is personalized by hand, most often with paint and brush. We offer hand scribing on select fly rods.