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Since 1856, from the legendary days of lancewood to today’s Helios Fly Rods, Orvis has made a tradition of crafting and selling quality fly rods made at fair prices. Fly rods made to be fished. No other fly rod builder has been more successful at this than Orvis. From Charles F. Orvis, the founder himself, to legends such as Wes Jordan, Howard Steere, and today’s Ron White, Orvis has invested in fly rod builders revered for their knowledge, craftsmanship and vision. With such a longstanding history, there are countless Orvis bamboo fly rods out there, and countless Orvis bamboo rod owners, like yourself, who wish to know more about these fly rods, their history and value, and the best ways to care for, maintain, and, most importantly, to fish these prized rods. So we made this site for you, the Orvis bamboo fly rod owner, in an attempt to answer your many questions regarding your cherished Orvis bamboo rod. Click below to search the history of your bamboo fly rod, what modern fly lines are appropriate for it, where to obtain an appraisal, how best to care for it, and much more.

Biographies of Orvis Fly Rod makers

Explanation of Serial Numbers Starting with R

Conversion Chart for Silk Line Ratings to Modern Fly Line Equivalents

Information on Bamboo Fly Rod Appraisal

Bamboo Fly Rod Care and Maintenance