Gokey Footwear: Meet the Maker

At Gokey, Jerry Doss and his son Stacy keep a 150 year tradition of boots and shoes entirely handmade of American bullhide leather alive and well, and moving into the future. Jerry’s been a bootmaker for 40 years, and has been handcrafting Orvis Gokey Footwear for about 25 years. His son Stacy has handcrafted Orvis Gokey boots and shoes for 15 years, since he was 16 years old.

Each and every pair of Orvis Gokey boot and shoes -- constructed by hand in the USA -- is a testament to quality, excellence, and pride of craftsmanship in a world of mass-produced and often greatly inferior goods. As Jerry himself says: "We still make our footwear the same way it was made over 75 years ago. We still use the finest oil tanned leathers and vibram soles and heels available today. The same craftsmanship and pride goes into the of making of every single pair of Orvis Gokey footwear. We still hand cut leather, and handsew plugs and welts. We handlast and handsew each and every Orvis Gokey boot and shoe.

The making of Orvis Gokey footwear is a very high skilled job and only comes with years of experience. There is a little bit of each of us in every pair of Orvis Gokey footwear we make. We’re constantly striving to meet the needs of all our Orvis Gokey customers, including offering news styles, colors, and comfort features while keeping to the very best of leathers and materials, and practicing the craft of bootmaking. We offer custom made footwear as well. And have a full repair service available for all Orvis Gokey footwear customers. We’re always here to make sure the customer is happy and their Orvis Gokey footwear is absolutely the most comfortable, quality shoe or boot they've ever worn and will continue to wear for years and years to come."