By Will Parish and Perk Perkins

Map #1
Trip begins October 2, 1975.
Snake River - capsized canoe trip in snowstorm.
Barranca del Cobre - canyon trek.
Waterfall near Palenque ruins.
Janie Bean makes three.
Ran out of road in Panama - Chartered logging ship to Columbia.
Emergency run to hospital in Quito to save Perk's life.
Falling in love in Lima.
Drive to Machu Pichu.
Will's brother, David, joins will to drive across Bolivia to Brazil. One problem - no road conecting Bolivia and Brazil.
Perk heads off on his own to fish in Chile and Argentina.
Sign onto SS Memling to cross Atlantic from Brazil to Holland.

Map #2
Hemp catches fire on board ship and threatens Jeep.
Run the bulls in Pamplona.
Perk gets typhoid fever.
Risk road bandits in Turkey to find mysterious ruins of Nemrut Dagi.
Will's brother, Pres, joins Perk and Will for a trip to Bombay.
Perk stays at Children of God commune.
Trek Anapurna region of Nepal
Third ocean crossing - Madras to Penang.

Map #3
Meet Kirkwoods in Singapore. Will then takes jeep on fourth ocean crossing to Perth, Australia.
Will takes ship to Perth; close call with customs.
Perk does a b-line to Bali.
Will goes to sheep station, Perk to Great Barrier Reef to SCUBA dive.
Meet Will's sister, Katie, and her husband in New Zealand.
Will's parents meet us in Japan
Perk and Will rendezvous with Jeep (shipped from NZ) in Seattle (see top left of Map #1)

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