How Orvis Makes It Absolutely Right

The process of creating exceptional quality products begins when we design a new item. Samples are made, delivered to our office for review, and then are immediately sent out for testing. Watches, pants, socks, and shirts are all subjected to rigorous demands in active field trials—they’re bumped, banged, stretched, snagged by brambles, dunked in streams, and marched over mountains. According to their performances, adjustments are made, then revised samples are sent back to the field for more work. Only when an item is deemed “absolutely right” by our team does manufacturing begin.

Every step of the way, our dedicated associates work hard to ensure that the quality of every product surpasses your expectations. We care deeply about quality, and sell only what we ourselves would be proud to own or give as a gift.

Perk Perkins
Chief Executive Officer
The Orvis Company