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Help the Whooping Crane Re-Establish a Migratory Flock

The Problem

The elegant Whooping Crane is on the verge of an extraordinary comeback after nearly becoming extinct due to human activities such as habitat conversion, egg collecting, and trophy hunting. By 1944, only twenty-one birds remained — a tragic prospect for a creature with such presence, standing nearly five feet tall with a wingspan of up to eight feet.

The Solution

Using puppets, crane costumes, and ultra-light aircraft to mimic the Whooping Cranes’ graceful glide, the International Crane Foundation (ICF), Operation Migration Inc., non-profit organizations, and government agencies assisted to launch four successful 1,200-mile migrations of juvenile cranes from Wisconsin to Florida. After just one trip, the birds migrate independently.

With your support, the $120,000 can be reached to ensure a fifth migration; and the ICF can maintain hard-won momentum toward re-establishing a migratory flock of endangered Whooping Cranes to the eastern U.S. The goal is to establish 25 breeding pairs in this flock. Join Orvis, the ICF, and its partners to bring back North America’s rare and magnificent Whooping Crane, a symbol of survival.


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