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The Battenkill, a Legendary Northeastern Fishery
Your participation, matched by Orvis and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, will help restore one of the Northeast's most historic trout fisheries.

This legendary river needs your help.
The Battenkill River
Your help will enable duplication of early successes creating habitat and stabilizing the banks
of the Battenkill.

Wild trout populations of the historic Battenkill in Vermont have declined by 70% in the past twenty years. Studies by the Green Mountain National Forest and the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department show that in-stream woody debris and over-hanging trees had degraded so severely that the river can no longer sustain the wild trout that have made it a premier fishery since the days of Charles F. Orvis. Today, 84% of the Battenkill's pools and riffles fall short of the desired coverage needed to provide adequate protection from environmental and predatory threats.

Your help will increase the cover

Proposed project restoration area in West Arlington, Vermont.

This project seeks to restore the wild trout habitat of the Battenkill through the:

  • Installation of large woody debris
  • Creation of deep pools
  • Improvement of wooded riverbank buffer zones

The rehabilitation will begin along a half-mile section of river reach at the confluence of the Battenkill and Green Rivers in West Arlington, Vermont.

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