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Bonefish Dink by Christina RodriguezArctic Fox Hair Makes the Bonefish Dink Red Hot in the Tropics

It was just before a tropical storm in the Bahamas when I used the Bonefish Dink for the first time. I’d tied it earlier as part of a year-long quest for a fly with more movement. That’s what really attracts bonefish to a fly pattern: movement. The more movement you can get out of a fly pattern, the more successful the fly will be. Simple, right? It wasn’t. Until I put the Dink to the test.

The patterns I’d been using that day were “old reliables” but they were not working. We could not buy a strike, even though my guide and I had been seeing a lot of fish, and big fish too. So, I tied on the Bonefish Dink to see how it would work.

Bam! Right away, fish that had ignored normally productive patterns were all over the Bonefish Dink. I was actually shocked at how well it worked. Pleasantly shocked. My guide was impressed too at how the pattern made all the difference and turned on those fish we were seeing but could not entice at all before. I caught a lot of bones on the Dink that day. A lot. No other pattern worked, even when I tried them later.

I thought maybe it was the “new” factor. That the fish were seeing something they’d never seen so they hit it, but it’s produced time and again ever since. Over and over, it’s worked for me and guides and their clients. Guides who use it now love it. It’s not the fly you wait to use now. It’s the fly you can’t wait to use!

Its success has got everything to do with the great movement of the pattern. Though other trusted patterns work, I always found them too stiff. Their wings were too stiff for what I wanted, their movement too limited. I wanted something that really would catch a bone’s eye. The arctic fox hair of the Bonefish Dink does the trick. It breathes and moves making the Dink incredibly lifelike. The hair holds a lot of air, so at first it even gives off small bubbles. The hair undulates in the water. It behaves just like a tiny shrimp, the way they move when they scuttle around. And the bonefish can’t resist it. They simply can’t.

As with most patterns, I fish the Bonefish Dink with short, fast strips to get the bones attention. They see that undulation and that sparkle and they come after it. When a fish is on it, I give it a nice gradual long strip and I’ve got them on. The bones don’t lose interest and turn back the way they can with a pattern that has less movement when they see it up close. That’s key, too. I wouldn’t fish for bones without it anymore.

If you’re headed after bonefish, you need Bonefish Dinks. They come in several sizes and colors to help increase your productivity even more. Grab a few extras for other anglers or guides while you’re at it.

-Christina Rodriguez is a professional fly tier who provides shops, guides, and captains with unique, and productive patterns. Her patterns are the result of fishing around the world, from the Bahamas and Africa, to Europe, Mexico, and the continental U.S.

More Rodriguez Patterns to Keep the Fishing Hot from Backcountry to Beach

If you love to go after a wide array of tropical fish, from snook in the backcountry mangroves to tarpon off the coast, and want the go-to selection of patterns to keep you covered in whatever cover you fish, this is the fly assortment you want on hand. Each pattern is an original from Christina Rodriguez. Each has been tested and approved by professionals.

The Bi-polar and Razorback are specially designed for success in the backcountry, for snook and redfish, when baitfish are on the menu. Superb lifelike movement from quick strips and a few twitches get those snook out from where they’re laid up under the heavy mangroves. And these selections are deadly on the Florida beaches where fish are actively feeding. The Bi-polar in particular is great for tarpon and offshore fishing. The Florida peacock bass love these flies too. Strip them as fast as possible for these aggressive fish.

The Bonefish Dink, Little Squirt, and Bar Fly are all exceptional bonefish flies, with proven success. The Little Squirt is also good for smaller tropical permit. The Little Squirt and Bite Size Shrimp perform at their hottest in highly tropical locations such as Andros or Seychelles. The Bar Fly was designed specifically for Florida bonefish.

A selection of guide’s choice flies to keep the action hot when other flies go cold.

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