Patagonia Fly Fishing Adventure Cruise

The southern coast of Chile is stunning, remote, full of fascinating places to hike, fish and kayak, and mostly roadless. It’s impossible to fully explore by vehicle, and a ship is great for the deeper waters off the coast, but can’t get you into the mountains that rise directly from the sea or sail into most of the secluded bays. What you need is a special ship that carries a helicopter, multiple watercraft, and an expert crew of trained guides who can lead the way. You could join the Chilean navy, but the MV Atmosphere is a much better choice and carries a chef who prepares gourmet meals, a masseuse and a bar tender who also makes a mean cappuccino on cool mornings. Our Patagonia adventure cruise may be just what you’re looking for.

The Atmosphere caters to only 28 passengers at a time, and it bears no resemblance to the massive cruise ships that sail far offshore. You get individual attention from the crew of 32, who will take you on fly fishing excursions to remote mountain streams, hiking on glaciers, kayaking among sea lions, or for a soak in a hot spring hidden in the temperate rainforest.

At day’s end you can take a sauna, enjoy a glass of fine Chilean wine in the bar, recount the day’s adventures with the guides, then sit down to an excellent dinner.

It’s a wonderful all-round adventure at the end of the earth, yet it’s relatively easy to get there. The ship sails out of Puerto Montt, Chile, which has frequent daily flights from Santiago. You can leave the USA on Friday and be on board the next afternoon, setting sail for the fjords of Chile. Read our MV Atmosphere reviews to learn more about this Patagonia adventure cruise.

Orvis Week:
February 22 - March 1, 2014

8-day cruise from $9850 per person, double occupancy.
Includes cruise, all guided activities and helicopter time.

Orvis selects one particularly good week in the middle of the austral summer for “Orvis Week”, which includes an Orvis trip leader to make sure everything is extra special. Jeremy Kehrein is your host for Orvis Week on the Atmosphere in 2014.

Here’s what previous guests have to say about Orvis Week:

"What a tremendous variety of adventure options, from a boat with a helicopter and numerous watercrafts, in the most beautiful place on earth. Added to this were an incredible staff, excellent food, very nice fellow guests, and our own Orvis representative, Jason Elkins. Jason was great to have along. The Chilean Staff was outstanding, but having Jason there made everyone feel more comfortable. Also, he was a lot of fun to be around, and made a great experience even better. We hope to go back next year on the Orvis Week." —Allan & Annette D., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I didn't think the Nomads trip could get any better after my first trip in 2007, but returning in March of 2009 I found the fishing, the food, the helicopter rides, and of course the staff better than ever. This is an expensive trip but I can assure you that if you can afford it it will be the trip of a lifetime. As a couple of guests on my last trip stated: "Yes, it's very expensive, but I asked myself 'if not now, when?'" I do not think there is a better combination of adventure, education, food, wine, fishing, wildlife, scenery--and companionship--in the world." —Tom Rosenbauer, Marketing Director, Orvis Rod & Tackle

Orvis International Travel invites you to join us for an extraordinary experience aboard the Nomads of the Seas.

Where the Ship Sails

Puerto Montt, Chile: the port where the Patagonia fly fishing trip begins and ends. There are multiple flights between Santiago and Puerto Montt daily on scheduled flights. LAN airlines has frequent service. You can depart the USA on a LAN flight in the evening and be in Puerto Montt the next day by 1:00pm.

This voyage to the central-southern and southern areas of Chilean Patagonia covers over 926 kilometers/500 nautical miles from the bay of Puerto Montt (latitude 41°S and longitude 72°W) to the Taitao peninsula (latitude 46°S and longitude 73°W).


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