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Dog shows ultimate loyalty after boat crash

Written by: Phil Monahan

Weimeraners are prized for their loyalty, as evidenced by a dog in South Carolina who stayed with his deceased owner for three days.

photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons

People who aren’t dog lovers will occasionally wonder out loud if those of us who do own dogs over-anthropomorphize our pets…that is, do we attribute to them human characteristics and emotions—loyalty, empathy, love, etc.—that they probably don’t feel. “Stop feeding them, and we’ll see how much they love you,” the argument goes. Well, that theory got tested pretty well in South Carolina this week. After a. . .


Vote for our next grant recipient, and you could win a $500 gift card from The Orvis Company

Written by: Phil Monahan

Help us choose our next Matching Grant recipient, and you could win a $500 Gift Card

One of the reasons I have been so proud to work for Orvis for the past six years is the Orvis commitment to giving back. Through matching-grant programs, we and our customers have raised more than ten million dollars for conservation. Two years ago, we added the Morris Animal Foundation’s canine cancer campaign to our list of grant recipients, and through our now famous Cover Dog contest, we have raised more than a half million dollars for canine cancer research.

This is all great, but we want to do more. We want to add to the causes we support, and we want you to choose which of the two organizations below should be featured in our 2012 dog catalogs. Cast your vote on Facebook—you could win a $500 gift card from the Orvis Company and help us determine where we should focus our philanthropic resources next year.

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New study finds that puppy mills leave dogs emotionally scarred for years afterward

Written by: Phil Monahan

Researchers found that the psychological damage caused by life without human contact persists long after the dog has been adopted.

photo by Sarah Ause, Best Friends Animal Society

An article to be published in an upcoming issue of Applied Animal Behavior Science, finds that dogs raised in puppy mills suffer dramatic emotional and behavioral effects for years afterward, according to a story in USA Today. Researchers Frank McMillan of Best Friends Animal Society, and James Serpell and Deborah Duffy of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, . . .


New program uses dogs to help relieve stress of returning soldiers

Written by: Phil Monahan

A soldier from the Tennessee National Guard is greeted by Jasmine, a therapy dog.

photo by Scott Roberson for the Daily Journal

A story from the Johnson County (IN) Daily Journal describes a three-month old program that uses dogs to greet soldiers returning from overseas

“Their shoulders get less rigid, their eyes light up, and they smile,” said Janine Ostrum, Smokey’s owner. “The soldiers can be just as anxious coming back as when they leave. They have so much to do coming home. It helps calm them down and pass the time to just play with a dog.”

The use of therapy dogs has been proven to reduce stress levels and blood pressure in hospitals, and the military program’s designers believe the same ameliorative effects will help soldiers trying to re-enter home life.


No longer in fashion, small dogs are being left at shelters in high numbers

Written by: Phil Monahan

Photo Credit to the Daily Mail

Sadly, some people’s loyalties are as fickle as high fashion. A sad story today in the Daily Mail as hundreds of small dogs are showing up in shelters as they are no longer fashionable as “accesories”.

Since when are family members considered “accesories”?

“People see movie stars holding dogs and they want one at home,” says Emma Otto, welfare assistant at the Blue Cross adoption centre in Southampton. “But small dogs need to run around, socialise and be treated like dogs – not sit in a handbag. When the owners get bored and the animals are sent here, a lot can’t even walk.”

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