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Are You Looking for a Dream Job?

Written by: Phil Monahan

Pike Fishing in Alaska

The guy holding that giant pike on the Aniak River in western Alaska could be you,
since Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures is looking for a guide.

photo courtesy Cinda Howard

Do you dream of chucking the rat race and launching a career in the outdoor sporting industry? Then we’ve got the information for you. The Orvis Endorsed Operations Job Openings page lists all the open positions at fishing and hunting lodges across the country.

Are you a chef? The Flying B Ranch in Kamiah, Idaho, . . .


Tuesday Tip: 5 Keys to Good Dry-Fly Mending (REPOST)

Written by: Phil Monahan

A good upstream mend counteracts the effects of faster currents between you and your fly.

photo by Eric DeWitt

Mending is a skill that most novice anglers struggle to understand, but even experienced fly fishermen can find mending difficult. The only way to get good at it is to practice on the water, dealing with currents of different speeds. Your fly will tell you if you’re doing it right: a long dead-drift is a sure sign of successful mending, while a “motorboating” fly dragging across the surface points to some problems. Here are 5 steps to good mending: . . .


Post Office Issues New Dog Stamps!

Written by: Phil Monahan

Dog Stamps

The new “Dogs at Work” stamps, featuring art by John M. Thompson.

photo via U.S. Postal Service

Last week, the U.S. Postal Service released a series of four 65-cent stamps that feature working dogs. The black Labrador retriever, Welsh springer spaniel, yellow Labrador tracking dog, and German shepherd are beautifully rendered by a world-class artist.

Here’s the information from


A Kafkaesque Angling Moment from the New York Times

Written by: Phil Monahan


The scene of the “crime”: The excessively dry, fish-free Madison Square Park, just across
the street from the Urban Angler fly shop (see arrow) in Midtown Manhattan.

image via Google Maps

My dad sent me a link to this brief story (below) in the New York Times “Metropolitan Diary.” The diary a regular feature in the paper in which regular folks write in about their odd or wonderful experiences in the Big Apple. It seems that Mr. Stuart found himself in danger of being fined for fishing in a park where there is, in fact, . . .


Picture of the Day: Tennessee Titan

Written by: Phil Monahan

Tennessee Steelie

Still relatively new to fly fishing, Dean Kennedy looks like he might be getting the hang of it.

photo courtesy Dean Kennedy

[Editor’s note: Here’s a great note—and photo of what he calls a “redneck steelhead”—sent in by blog reader Dean Kennedy.]

Seeing I have no one to fish with, I deemed it absolutely necessary to share my story with the blog that I credit over half of what I’ve learned in the measly year I’ve been fly-fishing. I’ve never been one with words, but I feel I owe it to myself and the fish to try to explain the absolute placidity I gained from the experience.


Video: Six New Breeds at the Westminster Kennel Club Show

Written by: Phil Monahan

This is always a great time to walking around midtown Manhattan because there are suddenly dogs everywhere. And these aren’t just the normal dogs you see on the streets; these are pampered, gorgeous, regal, and sometimes exotic animals. That’s because the Westminster Kennel Club’s Annual Dog Show takes place at Madison Square Garden each February. For 2012, the 136th time the event has been held, six new breeds are being recognized, and the video above introduces them. By the end of the day, I expect everyone of you to be able to pronounce Xoloitzcuintli.