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Video: A Mother and Daughter Share a Love of Fly Fishing

Written by: Phil Monahan

I stumbled on this great video about a mom and daughter who fly-fish around the world together, and it took a couple minutes before I realized that the narrator was Whitney McDowell, whom I’ve known for years. She was the marketing manager for a fly-fishing company in the mid 2000s, when I was editing American Angler, and I’d see her at trade shows and events and talk to her on the phone occasionally. Although I probably haven’t actually laid eyes on her in five years or so, I see what she’s up to on Facebook and get jealous a lot.

We have previously featured Whitney’s. . .


Trip Report: A Salmon Fisherman Learns New Skills in New Zealand

New Zealand Adventure

Far from his home in the Canadian Maritimes, Chip Sutherland found trout-fishing Nirvana.

photo courtesy Chip Sutherland

In late August 2011, I was flying to London on a business trip, and I was looking for reading material, so I bought a copy of Fly Fisherman magazine. It had an article on trout fishing in New Zealand and talked about the legendary fishing in the back country rivers of the North Island. I thought, “Maybe someday that would be fun.” As it turned out, due to work commitments the opportunity arrived the following January, considerably earlier than I had expected. I could book a weekend of fishing ahead of meetings in Auckland. But could I really. . .


Tuesday Tip: How to Correct the 5 Most Common Casting Mistakes

Written by: Phil Monahan

A couple weeks ago, when I posted the video about stillwater fishing, I called on the expertise of Phil Rowley because he knows more about fishing lakes than I do. This week, the topic is fly casting, so who better to instruct us than Pete Kutzer of the Orvis Fly-Fishing School in Manchester, Vermont. You are already familiar with. . .


Essay: Why You Should Always Reel with Your “Right” Hand

Written by: Phil Monahan

This redfish didn’t seem to care which hand I was reeling with.

photo by Irene Kato

One would think that, after 25 years of fly fishing, I would be immune to ridicule for reeling with the “wrong” hand. But there I was just last month, on a boat off the coast off Lido Key, with a seasoned fly-fishing guide goofing on me. One of my fellow anglers even tried to explain to me why I was “doing it wrong.”

As a lifelong right-handed caster and retriever, I have been subjected to this kind of ludicrous lecturing on a fairly regular basis. And I’m sure that many of my fellow right-reelers have endured the same fate. So I’m gonna lay it down nice and slow right here: . . .


Understanding the Lure of Pacific Northwest Steelhead

Four-salt fish, found in British Columbia, are the kings of the steelhead world.

photo courtesy
Moose Lake Lodge

[Editor’s Note: After seeing our
brief rundown of steelhead facts
, Orvis Sporting Traditions Specialist Dan Gracia felt the need to weigh in with some more specific info on the Pacific Northwest’s great game fish. I think Dan might be suffering from steelhead fever, but we are the beneficiaries of his illness.]

Throughout most of the Pacific Northwest, steelhead young spend a year in their native rivers before they smolt and head out to sea. This smolting process is the changing of the steelhead young’s physiology to allow it to thrive in a saltwater condition. Up until this smolting process takes place, they are virtually indistinguishable from native landlocked rainbow trout. When steelhead smolt, they turn a. . .


Holiday Fly-Fishing School Offer: Book One, Get the Second 50% Off

Written by: Kathleen Moore

Give the gift of Fly-Fishing School!

I can say from personal experience the gift of Orvis Fly-Fishing school is one that will last a lifetime. Available in fourteen great locations across the country, choose from four different types of schools (1 or 2-days are offered, as well as beginner and advanced).

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