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Podcast Classic: Getting Started – Upland Birds and Waterfowl

Written by: Kathleen Moore

[Note: This is a re-post of a great discussion for beginners, or those just thinking about starting out (like me!) -KM]

Brett is joined by Orvis Shooting Instructor and former co-host Pete Kutzer to answer a question from a listener on how to get started hunting for both upland birds and waterfowl. Lots of details here. Grab a pencil as Brett and Pete cover everything from dog safety to preparing your boots.

We have set up a voicemail box here at Orvis for your comments and suggestions for future podcasts. If you call, please remember to leave your name and where you are from in case we use your message in the show. The number is 802-362-8800.

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Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 12.28.12

Written by: Phil Monahan

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s collection offers a bunch of different locations, covering almost all the continents. But the real story here is the rise of the short video. Oftentimes, when I’m doing my searches to choose the videos for the F5, I wonder why. . .


New Year’s Resolutions: Fly-Fishing Guide Edition

Written by: Simon Perkins


Simon Perkins helps out a new angler.

photo courtesy Simon Perkins

[Editor’s Note: With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, I’m reminded of Simon Perkins’s great post from the early days of Since many of you were not around back then, I’m reposting it. Although Simon now sits next to me every day at the home office, rather than guiding on the Missouri, every word of this continues to be true.]

Fly-fishing guides come in all shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, and temperaments. Some of us are commanding and aggressive, others more passive. Some of us are articulate, some of us mumble. Some of us are patient, some of us get tense with enthusiasm and anticipation (in other words: “impatient”). But we are human, and what do humans do this time of. . .


Video: Dramatic Dog Rescue from the L.A. River

Written by: Phil Monahan

Here’s yet another great rescue video from Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws and his friends at the Bill Foundation. This one is different from the others, for the dog is trapped in the channel of the Los Angeles River, surrounded by 20-foot concrete walls. The logistical problems this creates are challenges, but have we ever seen Eldad fail? He gathers some community support for equipment, as well as for. . .


Pro Tips: Advanced Streamer Tactics That Go Beyond the Swing

Written by: Phil Monahan

Way to start the season

Streamers work in many angling situations, with many different presentations.

photo by Drew Price

Because I fish mostly in the Northeast—where over the course of a season nymphs and streamers surely catch more large fish than dry flies do—I am loath to fish anything but surface patterns when I’m out West. Don’t get me wrong: I’m no dry-flies-upstream-only purist. It’s just that the chance to cast hoppers or PMDs to large, sipping trout in a high-meadow stream is what brings us to the Rockies in the first place, right?

So one afternoon in early September a few years ago, when I approached the Encampment River—a tributary of the North Fork of the Platte in southern Wyoming—I had no intention of tying on anything but a dry fly. We’d had a lot for high water back home during the summer, and I was looking forward to. . .


Update II: Schoep, the Dog Whose Photo Touched the World, Continues to Do Well

Written by: Phil Monahan

This photo of John Unger and his dog, Schoep, has resulted in hundreds of donations that have
helped pay for the elderly dog’s treatments.

photo by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson / Stonehouse Photography

The above photo of John Unger and his dog, Schoep, touched hearts around the world when it was first published in early August. (We posted about it here, here, and here.) When the photo first surfaced, it seemed clear that Unger was simply helping his friend through the dog’s final days—the end of a long, beautiful relationship they had shared. However, the flood of support allowed Schoep to get much-needed medical treatments, and the latest news is that. . .


A Daughter and Father Share Their Love of Fly Fishing

Written by: Phil Monahan

Time is but a Stream… from Christen Magaret on Vimeo.

In this wonderful video, fly fisher and photographer Christen Magaret shares her love of fly fishing and the outdoors, and her gratitude to her father for exposing her to both. She and her father express why fly fishing is special to them, and to so many of us who pursue it.