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Tuesday Tips: Two Ways to Make a Loop for a Loop-to-Loop Connection

Written by: Phil Monahan

Here are a couple of quick-and-dirty videos, from the Fly Fishing Knots page on the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center, that explain how to make a loop at the end of a piece of monofilament or fluorocarbon, for when you need to create a loop-to-loop connection—for instance, when you want to attach a leader to. . .


Story and Photos: An Epic Trip into the New Zealand Backcountry

Written by: Alastair Peake,  Fiordland Lodge

A brown trout of around 8 pounds on a dry fly is well worth a long hike in.
All photos by Alastair Peake

After another three day expedition into the heart of Fiordland backcountry, I feel bruised and battered yet utterly privileged to have experienced such a fly fishing adventure in paradise! The Clinton river drains into Lake Te Anau in a location so remote it’s only accessible by. . .


Video Tuesday Tip: How to Communicate with Your Guide on the Saltwater Flats

Written by: Tom Rosenbauer

Using the clock face as a guide helps you quickly find your target.

When you’re standing on the bow of a flats boat, things can happen pretty fast. One of the keys to success is good communication with your guide. Because he (or she) is better trained and has a. . .


Video: The Beard Chronicles, Winner of 2013 IF4 “Short Film” Competition

Written by: Phil Monahan

Mark Crapo, a. k. a. “The Beard,” is a bit of a polarizing figure in the world of fly-fishing video. Some folks definitely think he’s. . .um. . .too much. Other think he’s hilarious. It’s hard to argue that the man knows A.) how to catch fish, and 2.) how to have a. . .


Trout Bum of the Week XIX: Brown Hobson

Written by: Phil Monahan

Brown Hobson has worked professionally in the Rockies and the Southeast.
Photo courtesy Brown Hobson

A couple years ago, we ran a series called “Trout Bum of the Week,” in which we highlighted some of the guys living the good life. . .of a sort. (See the bottom of this post for a link to the previous installments.) This is our second round of profiles. Most of the subjects are guides who have turned. . .


Photos and a Story: Winter Wonderland in Colorado

Written by: Will Long

Will Long ended his angling year with a 22-inch Colorado brown trout.
All photos courtesy Will Long

[Editor’s Note: Blog reader Will Long sent in this story and accompanying photos about how he ended his angling year in southwestern Colorado.]

So living in South Texas, I don’t often get to experience true winter fishing. We occasionally have some cold days down on my home river, the Guadalupe, but nothing like what the states north of. . .