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Photo Essay: The Rewards of Hunting for Borderland Blues

Written by: Dave Brown, Dave Brown Outfitters

A hunter covers a point in mixed Mearns and scaled quail habitat.
Photo by Dave Brown

The range of the scaled (blue) quail extends from the Mexican states of Sonora and Chihuahua in the south to southern Colorado in the north. From east to west, the population starts in Short Grass Prairie region of the Southern Plains, encompassing western portions of. . .


Video: “Vermillion,” The Splendor of Fly Fishing Lees Ferry

Written by: Phil Monahan

Terry Gunn of Lees Ferry Anglers emailed me a link to this gorgeous video, which he says was months in the making. “Vermillion,” by Kitchen Sink Studios, offers stunning visuals of the Lees Ferry stretch of the Colorado in Glen Canyon. The production values are. . .