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Photo of the Day: Boys on the Road for Huge Trout

Written by: Will Lillard, Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions

Connor (right) helped his buddy Brendan land this gorgeous brown trout on Arkansas’s Dry Run Creek.
Photo courtesy Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions

Last summer, during our North Carolina Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Camp, Connor caught his first trout over twenty inches. I helped him land the fish, and then told him that if he ever got. . .


Photo of the Day: Starting off with a BANG!

Written by: Phil Monahan

Young Dillon had one of the best first days of fly fishing ever. Let’s hope he never gets over it.
Photo courtesy Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Adventures

Tony Simmons, of Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Adventures, sent in this great photo, along with a description:

When we arrived at the stream and there wasn’t even a hint of another angler, I thought, . . .


Photo of the Day: Polar Vortex Rainbow!

Written by: Phil Monahan

Unseasonably frigid weather doesn’t stop an Arkansas boy who needs the tug.
Photo courtesy Jamie Rouse

Jamie Rouse, of the aptly named Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Adventures sent in this photo of serious serious winter-weather fishing (well, by Arkansas standards, anyway), along with a note: . . .