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Photos: Teaching Kids Competition Stillwater Techniques in Montana

Written by: John McKinnie, Lone Mountain Ranch

The clinic offered kids of all skill levels to participate and learn new techniques.
Photos by John McKinnie

Last weekend, the U.S. Youth Fly Fishing Team held a clinic at Lone Mountain Ranch. Heading into the event, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, since this is my first exposure to competitive. . .


Chasing the Night During the Martha’s Vineyard Catch-and-Release Tournament

Written by: Sam Wyman

The striper fishing was hardly on fire, but it’s tough to beat a weekend on the Vineyard.
Photos courtesy Sam Wyman

Last weekend, a group of Orvis associates from Vermont made the four-hour journey to Martha’s Vineyard, in search of striped bass and bluefish. We were heading down specifically for. . .


WWII-Inspired Jackets: A Hero Comes Home

Written by: Deb German

“Hey, Dad,” I wondered during one of our recent cyber chats: “Did Granddaddy ever wear one of these leather jackets during the war?” I was referring to the one in the photo up there. His enthusiastic response was, “Yes, Dad had a flight jacket very similar to the heavy-duty one shown here, furry collar and all!” With gathering excitement, my next question came right on the heels of the first: “Do you still have the jacket?” The cyber silence was killing me…


Checkered Past: A Brief History of the Madras Plaid Shirt

Written by: Deb German

Coastal Patch Madras Shirt
Photo via

Seen neatly tucked into pressed khaki trousers while darting across the campus green, the plaid cotton madras shirt enjoyed widespread American popularity in the 1960s as requisite garb for a post-WWII generation of preppy baby boomers. But as early as the 1930s cotton madras clothing began to emerge stateside as a status symbol: first popular among American tourists who could afford pricey Caribbean vacations during the Great Depression, the madras shirt was a palpable and overt sign of affluence worn on the backs of returning Ivy Leaguers. Today it remains a wardrobe staple for the resort- and country club-bound, as much as it is regarded as distinctly peasant class in its native India. Spanning some 5000 years, the story of the summery cotton plaid madras shirt is the province of paupers, artisans, and royalty alike…


Forget the Tired Tie: Fresh Gift Ideas for Men on Father’s Day

Written by: Deb German

Fence Post Ducks
Photo via

He’s expecting it, you know, the tell-tale flat rectangular box done up with a bow. He’ll be gracious about it—he loves anything that comes from you. But Father’s Day is your chance to celebrate the life of an important man, someone who helped form you: imagine the possibilities. This year, think outside the (tie) box. Discover fresh gift ideas for men and surprise him with something unexpected on Father’s Day…


Photo of the Day: Rainbow Tail-Whip!

Written by: Spencer Higa, Falcon’s Ledge

Perfect timing makes for a unique shot of a Utah rainbow.
Photo by Spencer Higa

I took this photo while guiding last week at Falcon’s Ledge. My client was fighting this fish so I knelt down close to the water and snapped a few frames. It’s proof that you can actually. . .


Photos: A Guide’s Month on the Mo

Written by: Dave Brown, Dave Brown Outfitters

The Baetis hatch on the Missouri means you can target feeding fish with small parachute patterns.
Photos by Dave Brown

For the last four years, I have bid farewell to the bass lakes of southern Arizona and headed north to Montana, where I spend a little over a month Fishing and doing some limited guiding on the. . .


Photos: A “Perfect Ending” Brown Trout

Written by: Jared Plisko, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

If you’re going to catch a fish on the last cast of the day, this is the one to catch!
Photo by John Hatcher

Jesse had lost a few fish in the mid-20′s during his day of fishing with guide Mike Steiner on the Youghiogheny River, and things weren’t looking good. Then, on his last cast of the day, Jesse. . .


Photo and Essays: Saying Goodbye to Wilderness Dog Sammy

Written by: Mike Mike Sepelak, Mike’s Gone Fishin’… Again

Sammy the Wilderness terrier was a much-loved family member.
Photos courtesy Mike Sepelak

For the past few years, the last thing I’ve done each and every evening has been to pick him up from his bed in the living area, carry him down the back deck’s steps into the yard for one. . .