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Fish Story: From Customer to Field Tester

Written by: John Van Vleet

Kaufmann’s trophy from the “Carp Locker” put a huge smile on his face.
Photo by Shawn Combs

John Kaufmann is absolute hell on fly tackle. He’s a fly rod’s worst nightmare, but a fly shop’s favorite patron. Every spring, as he chases stripers up and down Cape Cod with reckless abandon, he snaps rods, explodes reels, and puts fly lines through what some might consider. . .


Photos of the Day: Big Carp, Nicknames, and Optical Illusions

Written by: Phil Monahan

Orvis copywriter John Van Vleet shows off a carp that bottomed out his 15-pound Boga Grip.
Photo by Shawn Combs

Orvis copywriter John Van Vleet (a.k.a. “JVV”)—the guy who actually writes the fly-fishing catalog—caught this brute while fishing with rod designer Shawn. . .


New Issues of “The New Fly Fisher” and “Carp Pro” Are Online Now

Written by: Phil Monahan

The latest issue of The New Fly Fisher, from the folks who make the Canadian TV show of the same name, has got some great articles in it. Those who are looking forward to chasing Great Lakes steelhead will benefit from the wisdom of well-known guide Glen Hales. As usual, there’s also plenty of stillwater content, as well as. . .


Podcast: An Interview with Kirk Deeter, author of The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Carp

Written by: Tom Rosenbauer

In addition to an interview with Kirk Deeter, author of The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Carp, this week’s podcast features discussions of how fly fishing can be a pain in the neck, fishing above waterfalls, jeans under waders, split shot on spring creeks, Tenkara and. . .


The Quest for a Monster Carp Comes True

Written by Joey Paxman

Joey Paxman’s quest for a 20-pound carp in downtown Minneapolis finally came to an end last week.
Photo courtesy Joey Paxman

[Editor’s Note: Blog reader Joey Paxman sent in this killer photo and the story behind it this weekend. I love how all the elements come together to complete the saga and result in a great image that any angler would cherish.]

The first carp that I ever witnessed being caught with hook and a line was on a small bass pond near my mother’s house in Redding, California. I was spending the last hour of light throwing poppers to eager 12- to-15 inch largemouths, when a young boy showed up on. . .


Seasons of the Carp Fisher, and the Quest for a 20-Pounder

Written by: Dan Frasier

This 18-pound carp was tailing in skinny water, and it’s dan’s biggest fly-caught fish to date.
Photo by Dan Frasier

This morning, my windshield was covered in thick dew—a sure sign of cooler nights gnawing at the hot days of summer. Fall will be here soon, cool and glorious and way too short. Winter will follow, locking down any real chance of fishing until late March. In South Dakota, where I live, the winters are. . .