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NWF: Northern Rockies and Prairies Photo Contest

Written by: Daryl Kenny

Luck Shines on the Fishing Hole
Photo by Leah Grunzke

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the NWF/Orvis Northern Rockies and Prairies Photo Contest. Don’t miss your chance to have your photo appear in next summer’s National Wildlife Magazine as well as to win a $500 gift card from Orvis. Want to see what you’re up against?…


Jason Houston Photographing Fisheries Management Work in Belize

Written by: Kathleen Moore

We are really enjoying the images being posted by photographer Jason Houston while he’s on assignment in Belize for Rare.org and Orvis with The Environmental Defense Fund, documenting their fisheries management work there. Click “Read More” to see a few of his dispatches so far:


Saving the Chesapeake Bay, One Oyster at a Time

Written by: Laura Wood

Recent low lunar tides along the Lafayette River offered an excellent opportunity to see the fruits of our oyster restoration work. Above, reef balls planted two years ago are now completely covered in oysters.
Photo by CBF Staff

Once so chock-full that Native Americans called it “great shellfish bay,” the Chesapeake has long since seen its oyster population decimated by overharvesting, pollution, and disease.

This is bad news…