Conservation News 01.28.11

Written by: Eric Rickstad


Because preseason estimates suggest that numbers of wild salmon returning to some northern Puget Sound watersheds will fall short of the target, the Washington DFW has announced several river closures. Fishing will close next week on the Nooksack, Snohomish, Stillaguamish and Skagit river systems, as well as several streams along the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

conservation icon The Island Park News reminds us that time is running out for concerned anglers to  comment on the Yellowstone Native Trout Conservation Plan. More on the topic at the Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing blog.

conservation icon Seems like East Coast stripers can’t catch a break, as Mid-Atlantic stocks are suffering from winter kills caused by frigid weather

conservation icon A review of the scientific literature on trout genetics by Canadian scientists comes to the conclusion that “not all trout are created equal.” Specifically, the review looked at the effects of stocking fish from region to region and how that affects local populations. “A salmon from Quebec isn’t the same as a salmon from theAtlantic provinces or an individual of the same species fromEurope,” [says first author Dylan J.Fraser, a Concordia University biology professor]. “There’s considerable variation withinspecies. That genetic diversity can allow a specific type of fishto thrive in one region – to better adapt to stressors suchas climate change or habitat changes—while fish stocks ofthe same species introduced from another region can dwindle.”

conservation icon Over on the Field & Stream Fly Talk blog, Kirk Deeter dares to touch the third rail by asking Should Conservation be a Political issue?

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