Conservation News 12.28.10

Written by: Eric Rickstad

All Against the Haul

A new website called All Against the Haul has been set up to keep concerned citizens and conservationists informed about the battle to stop the planned trucking of massive mining machinery along roads in wild Idaho and northwestern Montana—including right along the famed Big Blackfoot River. David James Duncan and Rick Bass are donating the proceeds of their new book, Heart of the Monster, to the cause. Northwest Book Lovers offers a Q&A with the authors that explores the issues involved.

conservation icon On his blog, Whitefish Can’t Jump, Spencer Miles offers an intriguing proposition: “What if every fisherman who values wild fish gave up 10% of their fishing time to tackle conservation issues?”

conservation icon In The New York Times, Chris Santella profiles Dave Rosgen, the founder of Wildland Hydrology, who has been doing stream restoration since the late 1960s. “I was upset at the state of the impaired rivers I was seeing,” he said. “I wanted to fix them.”

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