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Morris Animal Foundation: Tristan, One Lucky Dog!

Tristan indulges in a little camouflage
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Although he doesn’t realize it, Tristan is a very lucky dog. Tristan was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive type of bone cancer, in June 2014. Even with treatment, most dogs die within a year of diagnosis.

But Tristan is still going strong more than 16 months later and his owner, Gail McCensky, has made it her mission to give Tristan an adventure-filled life. One of Tristan’s favorite activities is a monthly lunch club for him and his “lady friends.”…


A Dog Named Clancy

Written by: Daryl Kenny

Photo by Bill Gorgas

The following story was sent to us by Orvis customer Bill Gorgas. It’s a beautiful example of how dogs touch our lives and inspire us to do great things. Here’s Bill’s story:

It all began during Easter weekend in 2014. My wife, Barbara, casually mentioned a story in the local newspaper about two Golden Retrievers, Chase, age 11 and Clancy, age 8, who needed a new home. They belonged to the Monsignor of the local church who was moving to a nursing home and couldn’t take the dogs with him. Since Chase and Clancy were brothers and had always lived together, they also had to be adopted together. Soon after, we officially became their new adoptive parents….


Morris Animal Foundation: When is a Wet Nose more than a Wet Nose?

Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Most of us have experienced the runny nose and congestion that often accompany colds or allergies. Dogs also get runny noses, and nasal discharge is one of the most common reasons owners take their dogs to their veterinarian.

While it isn’t unusual for dogs to have wet noses, nasal discharge that lasts more than a few days can point to another problem….


Veterinarians Warn That a Sweetener in Gum Is Causing Surge in Accidental Dog Poisonings

Written by: Phil Monahan

Murphy Jo, the Cox family Labradoodle, nearly died after eating chewing gum containing xylitol.
Photo by Jeremy M. Lang, via wsj.com

I know that I have trained my kids to be extremely careful around the dog when they are chewing sugarless gum. I won’t even let them spit their gum out in the yard or the woods, on the off. . .


Pro Tips: Dealing with Dog Injuries in the Field

Written by: Jennifer Miller, Greystone Castle

Snake bite wound after debriding is gruesome but will heal.
Photos courtesy  Greystone Castle

Many of us hunt purely for the joy of watching our best friends work and retrieve for us. By now, hunting season is well underway for most of us. Keeping our dogs healthy is a major. . .


Morris Animal Foundation: Saying Good-bye

It’s never easy to say good-bye to a dear friend
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Understanding Pet Loss and Grief
Nancy Kay Clark, BSB/M, CVT
Morris Animal Foundation

Do you remember the first dog you knew? What about the first one you loved? Sadie was a basset hound. Mellow to the bone, ears in her water bowl, low and slow and even-keeled. I was just a young girl, and Sadie lived at my level. She let me pull on her ears, dress her up, and hug her whenever I needed. Dogs, like Sadie, affect our lives deeply and often are the first to teach us about unconditional love….


Petfinder: Parvo Puppy ICU

Written by: Daryl Kenny

How would you feel about sharing a room with this funny-looking guy?
Photo by Austin Pets Alive!

Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious, life-threatening disease. With many of the symptoms of flu in humans, puppies and young dogs who have not been vaccinated are most highly at risk. And if catching this nasty bug wasn’t bad enough, the most common treatment for puppies in shelters is euthanasia. No wonder the little fella above looks none too happy….


Stem Cell Research Offers Promise for Treatments in Dogs

By Kelly Diehl, DVM, MS
Science Writer, Morris Animal Foundation

Some good buddies hang out together
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Tune in to your favorite television news or pick up a newspaper, and chances are you’ll find articles related to stem cells. Stem cells were first identified nearly 40 years ago, but in the last two decades scientists have begun to discover how to harness the power of these unique cells to treat disease, particularly in the fields of orthopedics and organ regeneration….


It’s Now Legal to Break Into Cars to Save Dogs in Tennessee

Written by: Phil Monahan

Just because the window is cracked doesn’t mean a dog is safe in a hot car.
Photo via wkrn.com

The march of progress continues, as another state votes to value dogs’ lives more than people’s property. As of the first of this month, you are allowed to break into a car if you see a dog. . .