1,200 Dogs Rescued from Dog-Meat Smugglers in Thailand

Written by: Phil Monahan

These dogs were rescued from a convoy containing more than 800 dogs bound for
the table in Vietnam, where dog meat is still considered a delicacy.

photo via dogster.com

We’ve posted several times over the last few months about how attitudes toward dogs are changing across much of Asia, where dog meat is a traditional dish. Many who now see dogs as loving pets are pushing to have dog meat banned. Such activists were excited to hear that, on July 28th, two dramatic rescues in Thailand saved some 1,200 dogs destined for Vietnam, where they would be sold for meat. One convoy contained more than 800 dogs that had been kept in the jungle in deplorable conditions. According to an article on dogster.com, many of the dogs had collars, which meant that they were actually stolen pets.

As you can imagine, however, there is a new problem: feeding and caring for all these dogs:

The value of these dogs alone in the Vietnam restaurant trade is well over 3 million Thai baht, or $95,000. “The smugglers are losing a lot of money, but we need to raise a lot to be able to help these dogs and others who may well join them in coming weeks,” Dalley adds.

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