5-Year-Old and His Mom Write a Book to Get Over the Grief of Losing a Dog

Written by: Phil Monahan

Michael and his new best friend.
Photo via bashandlucy.com

When Lisa Cohn—a Portland, Oregon-based writer—and her family unexpectedly lost their beloved Golden Retriever, Lucy, she thought that writing a book might help her get over her grief. But the project got bogged down when Cohn suffered from writer’s block. Who should come to the rescue but her 5-year-old son, Michael?

“I started to write it and I got kind of stuck,” Cohn says. “Michael is a huge reader and book lover. I read him what I had so far and asked him to help me, and he got me unstuck. He jumped right in.”

The result is “Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence,” a story of a boy named Bash who loves his dog, Lucy, so much that never wants to be without her.

The book is aimed at children between ages four and eight, and it teaches valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork and self-esteem.

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