Video: California Firefighters Rescue Dog from Burning Barn

Written by: Phil Monahan

When Tim Chandler was alerted by a passerby that his barn was on fire, all he could think about was his dog, Moe, tied up on a run inside the burning building. Chandler attempted to save his friend, but the heat was just too intense. When the Modesto, California, fire department arrived, however, Capt. Les Porter sprang into action:

While another firefighter sprayed water toward the dog, Capt. Les Porter dove under a boat that was fully engulfed to unchain the animal from a dog run.

The pit bull named Moe suffered burns on the pad of his left rear paw, but was otherwise unharmed.

When reporters tracked down Captain Porter for comment, they discovered that he has three dogs of his own, and he admitted that he likes dogs “more than some people.” Let’s hope he receives a commendation for his extraordinary efforts.

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Moe suffered burns on his feet, but he survived because of the heroics of Capt. Les Porter.

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