Guess the Breed and Win a FREE Orvis Dog Bed!

Written by: Eric Weissleder

Take a guess at our trivia question and, right or wrong, you could win a FREE ToughChew® Dog’s Nest® from Orvis!

This breed (which is NOT pictured below) is a medium-sized dog with short triangular ears that lay flat. Its naturally short tail is often docked to a four inches or so. The breed’s color is often orange/white or liver/white with freckles being common. Oh, and it loves to be after upland birds!

Let us know your guess in the comment section (click the READ MORE link and scroll to COMMENTS). We’ll pick a random answer, right or wrong, on FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, at 3 EST to win the ToughChew® Dog’s Nest® worth up to $185.00!

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