Heroic Dogs Honored

Written by: Eric Rickstad

What do dogs by the names of Stinky, Moose, K’os, Missy, and Scooter have in common? They’re all heroes. The Chronicle Herald of Canada ran a great upbeat and moving piece about everyday dogs saving and changing lives for the better and being recognized for it by the Purina Animal Hall of Fame. The stories about these canine heroes are extraordinary, don’t you think? You can watch Stinky get his honors here. And watch the entire induction ceremony for each of the heroes here.

From the Chronicle Herald

A group of heroic canines will leave a permanent pawprint in history as the latest inductees into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame.

One of the country’s longest running pet recognition programs paid tribute to five dogs for their acts of loyalty and bravery at a ceremony in Toronto on Monday.

Four of the five pooches being honoured are family pets credited with helping to alert their owners to potentially life-threatening incidents at home. The fifth inductee, a female Rottweiler named Stinky, was named service dog of the year.

Read all about the heroes here.

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