Dog Saved from the Icy Waters of a Michigan River by Brave Family Member

Written by: Phil Monahan

Over the weekend, an 11-year-old coonhound named Bart wandered away from his owner and ended up falling through the ice of the Huron River, near Rockwood, Michigan. Bart’s owner, Jim Swayze, couldn’t get to the dog, who was keeping himself up by his front paws. Knowing that, if the dog spent too long in the frigid water he wouldn’t have a chance, Swayze called for help. His cousin, Lance Eicher, arrived to save the day:

Forced to choose between staying warm and watching a dog freeze in the icy waters of Michigan’s Huron River, Lance Eicher decided to play the hero.

Even when the good samaritan fell through the ice himself, his primary concern was keeping the dog warm.

“I just wasn’t thinking,” Eicher told WDIV. “I just wanted to try to rescue the friend of the family.”

When a rescue crew finally arrived, Bart had spent an hour and half in the water but was okay. If not for the heroics of Eicher, who knows how this would have turned out?

Bart, back on dry land and warm again.

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