Organization Reunites Soldiers and the Dogs They Rescued

Written by: Phil Monahan

Sheila Shaffer gets some quality time with Charlie, her beloved mutt from Afghanistan.

photo via the Palm Beach Post

Here’s a great story from the Palm Beach Post about the effort to bring dogs adopted by soldiers while in Afghanistan back to the U.S.:

The idea of rescuing dogs from Afghanistan came from a British marine [Pen Farthing] who could not bear to be separated from the dog he befriended there, named Nowzad for a nearby town.

After a chance meeting, Farthing convinced Arthur Benjamin, the American businessman who had founded American Dog Rescue, to help. It costs about $4,000 to bring a dog from Afghanistan to the U.S., but the soldiers who are reunited with their beloved pets feel that the dogs are priceless. At the first reunion of soldiers and dogs at JFK Airport in New York, “Every one of those soldiers cried, even one that was 280 pounds of muscle. Some of them have been apart a year and they don’t have $4,000 to bring back a dog,” Benjamin said.

The article addresses the argument that we shouldn’t be rescuing dogs from overseas when so many need rescuing here, and it offers several tales of how these dogs helped soldiers survive spiritually in the war zone.

Read the whole article here.

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