Guess the Breed and Win a FREE Orvis Dog Bed!

Written by: Eric Rickstad
This contest is now closed.
Congratulations to Linda Howard for winning the
Orvis ToughChew® Dog’s Nest®
The correct answer is: The Irish Wolfhound.
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Take a guess at our trivia question and, right or wrong, you could win a FREE ToughChew® Dog’s Nest® from Orvis!

This breed (which is NOT pictured below), measuring at minimum 31 inches at the shoulder is the tallest of the dog breeds. A gentle giant, this dog makes a loyal family member, but will take up a lot of space on the couch.

Let us know your guess in the comment section, below. We’ll pick a random answer, right or wrong to win the ToughChew® Dog’s Nest® worth up to $185.00!

Wel’ll draw a random winner at 3PM Eastern on January 4, 2011.

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