We’re getting Closer to our Goal of 10,000 Fans!

Written by: Eric Rickstad

As I write this, we are on the cusp of 8000 fans on the Orvis Dogs Facebook Page! That’s fantastic, especially in light of the the fact we are donating a dollar to canine cancer research for every NEW fan of Orvis Dogs in the month of December.

We started at 1500, so that means we have 3500 more fans to go by the end of December to reach our goal! We can do it. We can raise $10,000 for cancer research, together, but we need your help.

Send your friends to http://www.facebook.com/orvisdogs and tell them to click LIKE. It’s that easy.
Have you shown the world you love your dog? Post your dog’s picture on our Facebook page and tell us why you love him or her. Over 200 of you have done it so far and we love when you do! Click here to see the gallery so far.

Orvis Dogs Facebook page

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