Photo of the Day: a Dog and His Horse

Written by: Phil Monahan

And the called it. . .puppy lo-o-o-ove.

photo courtesy redditor red_fog

On, a user with the handle red_fog posted this great picture of his dog, Duder, and his mom’s horse, Mac. Apparently, the two hang out together all day. Duder is a Lab-pitt mix who is clearly very loving:

When they first met, Duder was 8 weeks old. Of course he was a bit curious and skeptical of Mac, but Duder just kept his distance and stayed near my mom and me in the pasture. Over time, Duder got a little brave and would nip at Mac’s heels and try to chase him. Mac is 23 years old and just didn’t really pay him much attention. This went on for months, but Duder kept following Mac all day. Duder is now 15 months old and has apparently grown on Mac. From what I hear from my mom, they play for hours on end these days.

Click here for the original reddit thread.

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