The Amazing Story Behind a Touching Photo Gone Viral

Written by: Phil Monahan

This photo of John Unger and his dog, Schoep, has received more than 300,000 likes on facebook.

photo by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson / Stonehouse Photography

On Tuesday, we shared the touching above photo on the Orvis Dogs Facebook page, with the comment “An image of amazing dedication.” It is the most popular photo we have ever shared on the page. A great article on tells the story behind the image, and it’s a tale of love, trust, and redemption. Have your tissues ready, for this is an emotional ride:

“I went out on the breakwater and I was thinking about committing suicide,” he said. “And I was out there for about an hour just thinking about things and it came to the point of me thinking, ‘OK, this is the time.’ And I looked down at Schoep and I don’t know what it was … he had a look like no other time he looked at me. I look back at it now and he knew something was wrong.”

Click here for the full story.

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