Another Dog Faces the Death Penalty Because of Breed-Specific Legislation

Written by: Phil Monahan

Wicca faces the death penalty in Montreal for an instance of what most would
consider a normal canine reaction to being surprised.

photo courtesy Animal Advocacy Project

Last week, we posted about the tragic case of Lennox, a dog in Northern Ireland who was euthanized simply because he looked like a pit bull. A new case in Montreal, Canada, is garnering similar kinds of attention.

Wicca, a five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, was leashed and lying quietly next to her owner on a restaurant terrace when she was spooked by a woman who didn’t notice Wicca lying there until the last second. The woman responded with an expression of fear, and Wicca jumped up. The woman suffered a minor scratch on her stomach, although it is unclear whether it was the result of a bite or from Wicca’s paws.

Normally, the penalty for such an altercation between a dog and a human would be to serve the owner with a 90-day muzzle order and require that that the dog be evaluated until further notice. Instead, an immediate death warrant was issued. Strangely, the woman who was scratched did not press any charges; instead, the city of Montreal did. Luckily, Wicca has some friends who are helping out:

There is now an entire legal team from McGill [University] taking this case on, as well as a very determined attorney heading this eager legal team, and Wicca’s appeal is to be heard on July 25th. Not only will Wicca’s case be the subject here, but the entire subject of breed discrimination (BSL) and the questionable ways the city of Montreal applies these laws and by-laws as it pleases. Let us be clear here that Wicca DOES NOT even reside in a BSL area nor did the minor incident occur in a BSL area.

An online petition to save Wicca has garnered almost 11,000 signatures.

Click here to sign the petition.

Click here for the rest of the story.

Click here to follow the case on the “Save Wicca” Facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “Another Dog Faces the Death Penalty Because of Breed-Specific Legislation

  1. carlos

    Those who want to kill my dog are going to have a painful death!!, the “oficials” who kill Wicca are son of a bitches and should be put to “sleep” too.

  2. Alba

    Explicando melhor: apenas entenda que para emagrecer você terá que
    fazer dieta, existe muitos tipos de dieta que você encontra na internet ou em revista (algumas dietas são bem estranhas), a melhor dieta para seu caso é aquela preparada especialmente para você por um


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