Blind Husky and His Diminutive Guide Dog Need a New Home

Written by: Phil Monahan

A few weeks ago, we posted about a blind dog named Eddie and his little guide, Milo. Here’s another such wonderful friendship between two shelter dogs. According to animal-welfare workers, Isaac and Isabella were found wandering the streets in San Bernadino County, California, last week. Isaac, a Husky, is blind, and Isabella, a small terrier mix, serves as his guide and fierce protector.

The pair were scheduled to be put down, when they were rescued by The Stand Foundation, an animal charity based in Los Angeles. The organization is now looking for an immediate foster home, and they will hopefully find a forever home in the near future. These stories are heartwarming and heart-rending at the same time, because they speak to both the incredible devotion of dogs and the tenuousness of their lives on the street.

Click here for the full story.

Click here for a CNN report.

Little Isabella is a fierce defender of her blind pal, Isaac.

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