Bomb Dog University: The Training and Education of Explosive Detecting Canines

Written by: Grant White

A bomb dog at work in Afghanistan.
Photo via Smithsonian Magazine

Capable of locating explosives that human senses can’t detect, Explosive Detecting Canines (or “bomb dogs”) are invaluable agents for our protection and safety. But how did these dogs actually become bomb sniffing experts? At MSA Security’s “Bomb Dog University,” pups learn how to identify the smell of volatile chemicals and safely alert their handlers. From combat zones to banks, post offices, and sports stadiums, explosive detecting dogs work every day to ensure our safety. Their reward? A tasty kibble for their service.

This comprehensive article from Smithsonian Magazine chronicles every detail involved in the training and education of bomb dogs.

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After detecting a potentially dangerous scent, the dogs are taught to stop and sit until their handler arrives
Photo by Smithsonian Magazine

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