The Most Heartwarming Craigslist Dog Post You’ll Ever Read

Written by: Phil Monahan

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An amazing Craigslist post about a rescued Pit Bull has gone viral on the Internet. It’s an open letter to the dog’s former owners, who abandoned her when they got evicted from their home in New York City:

On Feb 9th 2011, you were evicted from an apartment at 20 Catherine St and your old red pit bull was seized by animal control and taken to the kill shelter. She was really skinny and had bad skin infections, and had been bred A LOT. She’d even had a Caesarian, judging by the scar. They said at the kill shelter she was 12 years old. She also had a lopsided face and it looked like there were a few cigarette burns on her head/ears.

The post goes on for five more paragraphs, detailing Cathy’s new life, which is happier than she could have ever dreamed it would be. This is seriously some uplifting stuff.

Click here for the full story.

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