Crash-Test Dummy Dogs Help Measure Car Safety

Written by: Kathleen Moore

A furry dummy helps researchers test harness safety.
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In what seems like the first small move toward standardized safety for canine passengers in automobiles, the nonprofit Center for Pet Safety┬áteamed up with Subaru to run tests on eleven safety belts for dogs. Using dummies of different sizes, the final results are expected this week. Though the findings regarding the devices tested are described as “not encouraging,” this kind of scrutiny should help the auto and pet industries learn more about how best to protect or on-the-go pups.

Read the full story and watch a video report here.

One thought on “Crash-Test Dummy Dogs Help Measure Car Safety

  1. Sharon Hall

    Safety belts for dogs is a great idea, now invent a small GPS TRACKING DEVICE that can be implanted in an animal so us animal lovers will always know where are babies are if and when they get out.


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