Video: Tone-Deaf Detroit Rapper Shows Off “Fighting Dogs”

Written by: Phil Monahan

Where do we even start on this one? Detroit “battle rapper” Young Calicoe thought it was a good idea to allow himself to be filmed bragging about a bunch of fighting dogs and roosters in a friend’s backyard. Before you can say, “Hasn’t he ever heard of Michael Vick?” he even mentions Vick and his troubles. The video went viral on YouTube, causing animal-rights activists to clamor for an investigation, which is now ongoing. The rapper claims that it was all just an act and that the animals are owned by a friend who is a real “animal lover.” Does that backyard prison look like it belongs to someone who loves dogs?

One caveat: Before we start blaming this on rap music or hip-hop culture, note that the person from Detroit Animal Rescue is also a rapper.

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The backyard where Young Calicoe shot his video is home to dogs on chains and in pens.

photo via NBC news

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