Airline Refuses to Let Woman Board Plane with Her Doctor-Recommended Emotional-Support Dog

Written by: Phil Monahan

Lauren Hooten and her emotional-support dog, Dixie, were left stranded for four hours in the Austin airport.
Photo via KEYETV

It seems like airlines are going through a rough patch when it comes to their treatment of dogs. First there was the story of a blind man and his guide dog kicked off a flight from Philadelphia, and then we posted about a woman whose dog was left baking on a hot tarmac and almost died from heat stroke. Now comes the frustrating tale of Lauren Hooten and Dixie, her emotional-support dog.

It seems that when Hooten showed up at the gate for her flight back home from Austin, Texas, the American Airlines gate staff refused to let her board the plane with the dog. Hooten showed the letter from her psychiatrist, which explains her condition and why she needs the dog, but to no avail. She ended up missing her flight and spent four extra hours at the airport. The response from the airline is less than satisfying, as you’ll see.

Click here for the full story and a video report.

2 thoughts on “Airline Refuses to Let Woman Board Plane with Her Doctor-Recommended Emotional-Support Dog

  1. Nancy

    I have to side with the airline on this one. There is a big difference between emotional support /therapy dogs and service dogs.

  2. Linda

    In November we flew on American Airlines with our new puppy and the airlines was very nice to us. They do have some requirements that need to be followed such as health cert. and a reservation for the puppy, in advance, because only so many dogs are allowed on each flight. Plus there is a fee. People should check the airline’s requirements, when making their reservation. Do not blame the airlines, when you do not plan ahead.


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