Scientists Ask: Does Your Dog Actually Get Jealous?

Written by: Phil Monahan

Research on Border Collies has shed some light on dog emotions.
Photo by Steve Harris, via

Most dog owners know that it they pet another dog, their own pooch reacts with what certainly looks like jealousy. But scientists have been wondering if we anthropomorphize dogs when we attribute such human emotions to them. A Story in today’s New York Times offers some interesting insights that have come from recent research:

Dr. Harris concluded, in a paper in PLoS One written with Caroline Prouvost, also at the University of California, San Diego, that the dogs showed a “primordial” form of jealousy, not as complex as the human emotion, but similar in that there is a social triangle and the dog is trying to make sure it, not the rival, receives the attention.

It’s a fascinating article that offers very different perceptions of the studies being conducted. Some researchers think that jealousy is a much too complex emotion for dogs to display.

What do you think? Does your dog get jealous?

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