Stolen Dog Reunited with Family After 5 Years, Thanks to a Team of Volunteers

Written by: Phil Monahan

Last week, an Indiana woman was reunited with her Rottweiler, Sasha, who was stolen five years ago. The dog was turned in to a shelter thousands of miles away in Phoenix, Arizona, and thanks to a microchip, the shelter was able to find Jen Koczan, who believed she’d never seer her beloved Sasha again.

This is an incredible story, but it gets even better: Koczan had no way to get Sasha back to Indiana were it not for the kindness of strangers. Remarkably, the shelter gave Zoczan just a couple days to claim Sasha, or they would euthanize her. That’s when an organization called Kindred Hearts Transport Connection—”a ‘village’ of like-minded kindred spirits/hearts bonded together to relocate animals”—stepped in.

It took two weeks and 26 volunteers to drive part of the journey, but Sasha was finally delivered to Koczan by Staci Goveia for a tearful reunion.

Click here for the full story.

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