Dog Disappears and Shows Up at Site of Owner’s Funeral

Written by: Phil Monahan

Gayle Johnson holds Elvis, who had belonged to her mother, Judy Gustas.

photo via

The bonds between dogs are humans are so strong that they sometimes seem to transcend this earthly plane. We’ve posted before about how dogs react to the death of their owners, sometimes through public grieving. Here’s another story, featuring Elvis—a schnauzer/poodle mix—that seems difficult to explain.

Elvis had spent a lot of time sharing a bed with Judy Gustas, who suffered from cancer. When Judy died, the dog was adopted by one of the nurses who cared for Judy during her illness. But on his first night in his new home, Elvis disappeared. Astonishingly, he turned up near the church where Judy’s funeral was heald, despite the fact that he’d never been to that part of Omaha before.

Click here for the full story.

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