Hero Dog Retires, Having Saved 14 Lives in Her Career

Written by: Phil Monahan

Mij the rescue dog poses with her handler, Iain Nicholson.
Photo via telegraph.co.uk

After a remarkable seven-year career as a rescue dog, a British Collie named Mij has retired, leaving behind a legacy of bravery and determination. She has helped to save people from Cornwall to Scotland, and many places in between, according to her owner Iain Nicholson:

“Mij is courageous and her technique allows her to pinpoint the exact person’s scent even if she were surrounded by hundreds of others.

“Police used to ring me up and ask if Mij could come and help search for someone in the Lake District, Cornwall, Scotland and so on – we’ve been all over the country in her time.”

She is also a pioneer is “scent discrimination,” which allows a dog to pick out a single scent from among thousands. Her example is now used to train other dogs.

After so much success and so many happy endings, Mij has certainly earned a happy and pampered retirement, and a grateful nation is paying tribute to her incredible work.

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