Hero Dog Saves Abandoned Baby

Written by: Phil Monahan

Baby Jade owes her safety to Jade the German Shepherd.
Photo via birminghammail.co.uk

Here’s a remarkable story from England, where a dog’s heightened sense may very well have saved a baby girl’s life:

Roger Wilday, 68, was walking German Shepherd Jade in Stechford when she inexplicably raced to bushes, then lay down next to what looked like a discarded carrier bag—and refused to return to him.

As the pensioner moved closer he realised what the loyal family pet had discovered: a newborn baby, who has now been named after her four-legged rescuer.

Nine-year-old Jade had never disobeyed her owner’s “come” command before, but she knew it was the right thing to do in this situation. Baby Jade, named after her canine hero, is doing well in the hospital now, but doctors say that just a few more hours of exposure in the park could have been fatal. Police continue to search for who left the baby in the park. Thank goodness for Jade the dog’s fine-tuned sense and her compassion.

Click here for the full story.

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