How to Exercise Your Dog When You Can’t go Outside

Written by: Two Pitties in the City

Editor’s note: Two Pitties in the City is written by a married couple living in Chicago with their two adopted pit bulls, Miss M and Mr. B. They write their blog to show how easy it is to have bigger dogs in the city, even with a smaller space and no backyard, and to show the realities of pit bull ownership and how they really are an amazing breed.

We know how important walks and exercise are for our dogs, though when it gets like this, even they don’t want to be outside. This last rainy weekend reminded us of some things we do to keep our pups from going stir-crazy indoors. Though maybe I’m the one who’s going stir crazy?

This was always my favorite thing to do with Miss M when we were bachelorettes together. I put her in a sit-stay, pick a hiding spot, and yell “Come!” When she finds me, she gets a really good treat. The funny thing is that our dogs are really bad at finding us, and it’s funny to hide behind doors and watch how they can’t figure it out. Predictably, Miss M will always immediately go look in the place I was hiding the last time. Maybe she’s not so clever?

Dog Puzzles
We had always been curious about dog puzzles, so someone gave us this Nina Ottosson Dog Miracle Interactive Toy. Our puzzle has tiers and you can hide pieces of food under each bit. You can make it harder by interlocking the pieces, or requiring the pups to lift up a piece to get to the food. Mr. B doesn’t quite understand and he thinks the idea is to grab each piece and bring it back to his tepee. I think you can probably get the same type of mental stimulation from a food dispensing device.

Mental Games (While Watching the Game!)
We wrote before about how practicing sit-stays on benches and elevated boxes helps them work on willpower and it can be mentally exhausting. At least some of us can ‘exercise’ while watching afternoon football.

We know our dogs are a bit older and don’t have the endless amounts of energy that some other pups have. We are curious to hear what other people do when you can’t go outside.

One thought on “How to Exercise Your Dog When You Can’t go Outside

  1. Malama Minn

    A good squeaky toy, especially one with a good bounce on it, thrown down the hallway is a way I’ve found to exercise my bluenose Pitbull. He brings it back until he’s tired then he hides it in my bedroom.


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