Incredible Photos of a Man Discovering His Dog Alive Beneath Tornado-Destroyed House

Written by: Phil Monahan

Last spring, we posted the incredible video of the moment that Barbara Garcia’s dog, Bowser, emerged from the destruction of her home after the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. (See here and here.) An amazing series of photos, shot by Charles Ledford of the University of Illinois chronicles a similar reunion after the twister that struck the town of Washington on Sunday.

Jon Byler Dann survived the destructive storm, along with his four children, by hunkering down in the basement. But Dann had not been able to get the family dog, Maggie, to join them. As they emerged to view the pile of rubble that had been their home, the family could not find Maggie and feared the worst. The loss of their beloved pet made the entire tragedy that much more difficult.

But then, more than a full day later, family friends were digging through the debris when they heard a faint bark coming from below:

They immediately started digging and discovered Maggie buried beneath the rubble, wrapped in a piece of carpeting. Byler Dann burst into tears. Maggie was shivering, filthy and in obvious pain. But she was alive.

Although Maggie is suffering from broken bones and possible internal injuries, she is recovering at a local veterinary hospital. It’s amazing how, in the face of such pain and devastation, the discovery of Maggie brought such joy to a family who has lost everything.

Click here for the full story and to see the amazing and touching photos of Maggie’s discovery.

3 thoughts on “Incredible Photos of a Man Discovering His Dog Alive Beneath Tornado-Destroyed House

  1. Teresa

    This story brought tears to my eyes for everyone involved in the devastating tornadoes. Jon’s family friends are amazing. They continued to dig through debris and find Maggie. Maggie laid there scared and hurt, hoping to be found. This family and many others have went through so much. My heart and prayers go out to all.

    Losing everything through a tornado is horrifying, but finding the pet can help comfort in many ways. Teresa

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