New Organization Finds Forever Homes for Senior Dogs

Written by: Phil Monahan

This is the face that launched a campaign to save some of America’s most vulnerable dogs.
Photo by Brandon Stanton, via ABC News

When Brandon Stanton first saw Susie on the street, she belonged to someone else. But Stanton featured her on his popular website, Humans of New York, calling her “the greatest dog in New York.” Susie’s owner saw the photo, and asked Stanton if he’d like to adopt the 13-year-old.

This got Stanton thinking about the plight of older dogs who need new homes. So he launched a Facebook page called Susie’s Senior Dogs to help connect dog lovers who have room for an elderly pet with those older dogs who need love in their final years.

It’s a wonderful concept and helps these dogs end their lives in comfort and happiness, surrounded by love.

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